Today is my favorite Holiday ever. Don’t get me wrong. I like Christmas as much as the next gal, but there’s just something about Halloween that I love. Not the getting dressed up and going out part so much. It’s all about the season and the decorations and the little kids getting to go trick-or-treating. The … More 10.31.2014


It was a pleasant work day, and my last “in office” day of the week! Tomorrow we have the option of working from home since half the office is traveling for the 4th. That will save me a minimum of an hour and a half of commuter time which will be nice. Especially since I … More 07.02.2014


The USMNT played their 3rd Group game today… lost to Germany, but with the rest of the Group results we are still making it through to the Round of 16! Yaaaaay!! We’ll play Belgium next Tuesday (dad’s birthday) at 4pm. Should be interesting for sure… The work crew walked over to Ray’s pizza to have … More 06.26.2014


Ran a 5k this past Saturday… surprising I know. It was the Atlanta Streetcar Run the Rails race that followed the path of the new streetcar that would be unveiled later in the day. It was a good morning for a run and a great way to start off the weekend. Once I got over … More 06.24.2014


I love my job. Good people. Relaxed atmosphere. Octane popup in lobby. Keurig in the office. World Cup streaming allowed. Ice machine in break room. My own desk. What more could a person want? Oh, and I’m getting paid. That’s a good one too 🙂


I know, I know. I’m still being super sporadic with posting… I apologize. I’ll get all caught-up now and then do better. Yeah… I’ve said that before. Don’t judge.  Okay. I went and met with the OneCare team last Tuesday… super chill environment, and I LOVE the idea of making healthy lifestyles and choices as … More 06.05.2014