Z is for Zany

“z” I can’t believe this challenge is already over!!! Although I didn’t exactly get into a routine of dedicated practice time it was awesome making something each day. Whether it was a quick and simple marker letter or a little more involved with backgrounds or videos I am certainly a little more acquainted with creativity … More Z is for Zany

W is for Weird

I’m weird. It’s alright. I love it. I think there is a lot to be said about being weird. It means you’re different. You’re unique. You’re yourself. And that’s the best way to be! “w” #handletteredabcs_2016 #HandletteredABCs #abcs_w #door72abcs #practicepractice via Instagram http://ift.tt/1OZ1f9I

Q is for Quintessential!

/kwin(t)əˈsen(t)SHəl/ adjective: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality There are some pretty phenomenal calligraphers out there y’all. Just a few of my faves: @piecescalligraphy @lhcalligraphy @anintran @kimis0melove @elizahcalligraphy @poppyandmintdesign (and I could go on and on and on) I’ve learned so much just from watching Instagram videos. Can’t wait for the @moderncalligraphysummit!! … More Q is for Quintessential!