Renaissance Periodization

Oh hey RP… please be easy on me!! 😳🍴 #deliciousfuel #rplife #2ozstruggle #beefygoesrp

So the gym started a nutrition challenge. Participants are purchasing RP Templates and following them (hopefully) for approximately 8 weeks.
Pretty interesting science with lots of great results. Although I’ll be honest. Not the best timing for me with all of this traveling coming up for weddings. Planning to be a little stricter come June or July perhaps?!
My templates basically allow for (with a fex exceptions) the following at each meal:
– 2oz Protein
– 1 serving Greens
– 1 serving Healthy Fats
– 20g Healthy Carbs
– 25g Workout Carbs
– 15g Protein (intra-workout and bedtime)
Wish us luck!!

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