Sun in My Belly Going Away Brunch

So today a bunch of my closest friends (yes, some are missing) got together (thanks to Amy) at Sun in my Belly to celebrate with me / send me off to North Carolina! I leave tomorrow, and I was so thrilled to spend my last “full official day” in Atlanta with such great people. Although we had to wait for a table, spilled half the mimosas, were short three chairs, and only half the table could talk to each other, I had a great time! So many laughs were had, and I’m leaving Atlanta with a full heart!

Also, the food was delicious.

So lucky to call all these people my friends. Between college, CrossFit, Startup Life, St. Charles and yoga I’ve met some pretty fantastic people. So honored they all came out to celebrate with me as I move on to the next big adventure!! My heart is so full ❤️ #goodfrands #thankful #somanylaughs #loveyall via Instagram

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