A is for Adventure

Kickin’ the year off with a challenge from @handletteredabcs!

I certainly have lot to look forward to this year including a pretty major new ‘a’dventure! January 1st I moved just outside Asheville, NC and couldn’t be more excited for the fresh start!! Over the next 12 months I would LOVE to grow my hand lettering into more than just a brand new hobby, and that will take some serious commitment to practice and to venture outside my safe little comfort zone.
I can’t wait to see where this challenge leads not only my individual letters but my style overall! 1 Down, 25 to go! ✍🏽: Day 1 is “A” 🖌: Crayola Metallic Marker
🗒: Unknown Printer Paper
#handletteredABCs_2016 #handletteredabcs #day1 #thelettera #AisforAdventure #handlettering #adventuremore #moderncalligraphy #crayolametallicmarkers #2016adventures #beefydoodles #door72abcs via Instagram http://ift.tt/1mtUfdQ

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