… currently …

So I’ve never done a “currently” post before, but since it’s been FOREVER since I’ve actually written a post that’s not just linked from some picture I thought it would be a good time to try it out and get quickly caught up!


a move to Asheville!! Wow. Did I say that? It’s really happening… a new lease is signed in Black Mountain and I will be continuing my regular job remotely from there! How AWESOME!


Christmas gifts and art supplies! It is kind of just now dawning on me that Christmas is super close. Like really super close. And maybe I should be collecting those presents to give friends/family. Art supplies is just a common purchase now that I’m taking this whole hope-to-be-soon-business-owner-earning-extra-income-through-lettering-calligraphy thing more seriously. There’s a lot I still want to buy and try out and have time to play with!


Christmas Cards. By hand. I should have started earlier. That’s all.


Ritz Toasted Chips in Cheddar. Which I never would have bought on my own (I’m partial to the Southwest Chili variety) but Andy got them while in town for our anniversary weekend and I found them in my pantry. Surprisingly good.


Have I told y’all how much I love my yoga studio?? Elsie and her hubby have done a fantastic job building that place and I’m going to be super sad to leave them and all the great teachers there. And that space with the brick walls and candles and mirrors. Ugh. I’m trying to go tons this month. So yeah, if you’re in Atlanta you should check out Highland Yoga! Love love love.


to Christmas music of course!! Mostly Celine Dion’s These Are Special Times and MercyMe’s The Christmas Sessions and The Carpenter’s Christmas Portrait. On repeat. All of them. I need to remember to bring more CDs back with me from home. And I’ve just discovered tons are available through Amazon Prime. PERFECT!


gratitude! but really that I had better prayer habits… oy! Loving the She Reads Truth Advent book though! Such a great and important season we’re in right now. The Christmas Story is one of love and I wish that all people experience love.


FURIOUSLY!!! I’m only 6 books away from finishing the 2015 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge. I have 22 days to read 6 books. Eek. But I’m so close that I want to think I can do it. I shouldn’t even be writing this post. I should be reading!


how everything is going to fall into place. The move. The Holidays. The job. The new address. I wonder a lot. I enjoy a life of wondering!


So yeah… there’s a little about what’s going on in my crazy life right now. Oh and geez…. can’t forget about lots of puppy playtime and cuddles! And fun side note. Took a work break walk with Sinan yesterday for some Bubble Tea from Sweet Hut and was pleasantly rewarded with a $10 gift card by some individuals conducting a survey in the building courtyard! Life is great!

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