[New]: SRT Open Your Bible Study!

Okay. So I know y’all have seen me post stuff from She Reads Truth before. Now they’ve teamed up with the crew at LifeWay Women to create an all new print-only study! I. Can’t. Wait. Here are some important details:
  • Open Your Bible is all about the Word of God. Amanda and Raechel explore why we study the Bible and how we study the Bible and what the Bible says to us today. Most of all, we want women to know the Bible is for them and for now.
  • The Bible study releases November 1 (Well, November 2, since the first is a Sunday).
  • The study is seven sessions long (meaning, if you do this in a group, you will meet seven times). It has six weeks of personal study (or “homework,” but who likes that term?). Each week of the study will have you diving deep into Scripture to discover truths about God’s Word from God’s Word. This is a print-only study. It will not be on the She Reads Truth website.
  • There are optional video sessions that go with each week of study. These video sessions are around 10 minutes each and feature Raechel and Amanda discussing truths they’ve learned along the way. We recommend them for going deeper in the study. They will be available via download for group or individual use from LifeWay.com/OpenYourBible.
  • If you purchase your Open Your Bible study during the month of November you’ll get free shipping AND receive the companion notebook free!! 

Check our more details and view a sample on the LifeWay Women Blog!

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