The Miracle on Techwood!

So. Y’all. This happened. And I was there.

I admit, going into the game I was just hoping that we would make it a good one… as in… not getting blown out by the ACC undefeated Seminoles (since 2012 I might add). So yeah, my confidence wasn’t too high. But can you blame me?? I mean… after opening the season with two awesome wins just to lose the next 5 thanks to poor decisions, bad play calls and just, well, bad football.

So when we’re well in the mix of things all through the game and tied with FSU about to kick a winning FG… you could say I was just thrilled with the way we had fought and hoping for some OT fun if we got really lucky and their kicker (who has never missed in his career) somehow missed the kick.

But instead…. Y’all. Just listen.

Oh, you want to see that for yourself?? Gladly… here are some of the best links to videos and even some fun post-game analysis!! Just wow.

“Everything You Need to Know…”
“ESPN’s Sport Science…”
“GT Athletic’s Exposure”

The Miracle on Techwood! #whatatimetobealive #TogetherWeSwarm #GoJackets #GTvsFSU

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