Weekend Recap + Oakhurst Porch Fest!

We’ve already talked about the Georgia Tech game… but Saturday also included a Silverbacks game! I’m definitely the sports-loving one out of Andy & I. Funny how opposite of the stereotypes we are. But yeah after rushing around to get back to Atlanta after picking Abner up in Stone Mtn, Emily & I headed to the game! They tied 0-0, but are still hangin’ on to a shot at the tournament!

In case you can’t tell by my jacket & scarf… it was cold, and there was also a blanket involved! The weather is definitely changing.

Check the dog park post for my adventure with Abner Sunday morning (if you can call sleeping in till 10AM and finally leaving around 11:30 morning)!

Mom & her work friends had planned on going to the Oakhurst Porch Fest that Andy had told us about earlier, so she came down to eat lunch with me before meeting them. Turned out the majority couldn’t go, so I went too! This was the first ever Porch Fest, and what a cool event it is!!! Basically people around the neighborhood volunteer their porches for local bands/artists to play music on for an hour! So, drinks in hand, we strolled about Oakhurst looking at the precious houses and listening to music!

My good college friend (and now work buddy since we work on the same floor and eat lunch together), Sinan, was part of the Porch Fest and played with Jordan at 5. Made sure we got to see them, and they did awesome! Played some of my favorite songs in fact!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, I’ll definitely be going again next year!

What a weekend! 🙂

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