Today Was A Good Day

So many things to update on since I apparently suck big time at this whole blogging thing recently… but that’s all in the past.

Today was fun. Well, not fun in the “we’ll talk about that for years to come” kind of fun. But just a nice, enjoyable day.

  • Reading on the porch in the cool fall air drinking some coffee with Amy
  • Got so much laundry done
  • Used the closets I organized yesterday
  • Breakfast with a mimosa
  • Watched Northpoint church service online
  • Emily brought Lucy over to play with Abner
  • The Falcons won!!! 5-0 baby!
  • Finished up Team Series without dying
  • Abner got to return to his old stomping grounds (such a happy pup)
  • FS 125# for 7 reps after not doing any weightlifting for the past like two years… I’ll take it!
  • Yummy simple steak and brussel sprouts dinner

So. Yeah. Just a nice day. Here are some pictures to go along with it, and I’ll do more to catch y’all up later!

Things still to be done:

  • Repot plant (x2)
  • Vacuum
  • Practice calligraphy

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