I semi-spontaneously decided I needed to get my hair cut, because it was blah looking. So I remembered a hair salon Andy & I had walked by the previous night while searching for Colonial Cupcakes (which had moved from Downtown since the last time I went). I called and they miraculously had an appointment for the same afternoon, so yes!
Being a little fearful of traffic along Route 3 before a 4pm appointment, I left super early (which was also good since my car was on ‘0 Miles to Empty’) which turned out to be perfect….. it meant I had time to go by Hyperion Espresso and grab a “Monkeylicious” drink which I had gotten before and remembered being fantastic. Well, my memory was correct. Certainly not a drink that I would get on a daily basis, but it’s a blend of Frozen Mocha Coffee and Banana! Yummmmmy! Threw in a bagel since I hadn’t had lunch that day and was planning to lift that night!

Bella Hair was a cute little shop in Downtown Fredericksburg, and Olivia was great! Yay for healthier hair! Now, if only I had already figured out how to curl it and/or braid it. More on the 101 List!

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