July 4th Weekend

Amy left for Charleston Friday morning at 8AM, so we agreed to go to the 6AM Yoga class. It was a great class, and Elsie took our Day 3 July Yoga Challenge picture for us! Then silly me decided to go ahead and make the CrossFit meeting at 7:30 with the possibility of doing the workout at 8. Well. Guess who walked right in to doing Filthy 50 after a Heated Power Vinyasa Flow class? This girl. But I survived and waited out the rainstorm. The gym is pretty cool and I’ll actually start shadowing there soon so I can coach again! Woo!

Pops got to the apartment around 2pm and unloaded all of the 4th of July decorations mom had sent with him. Abner, of course, was losing his crap at the sight of dad! Talk about a happy puppy! We were able to fix my rear bike brake pretty easily (thankfully) and decided to head out to Krog St. Market down the beltline! Dad had never really explored either, so we got a beer from Hop City after walking around the market… I think he was a fan! πŸ™‚
Showing Pops the ropes!! Biked the Beltline to get a beer!! β€” at Krog Street Market.
In preparation for the P’tree, we carbo-loaded with a full homemade spaghetti dinner complete with leftover birthday cake! Then just hung out on the porch for the remainder of the evening…. man, I love my porch!
This rainy day gave way to a perfect summer evening! #frontporchlife #favorites #stcharleslife #myATL via Instagram http://ift.tt/1CgwGMk
Next up, the Peachtree Road Race!!Β I have done these pretty consistently for the past 10 years… it is such an awesome event… 60,000 people fill the streets of Atlanta w/ thousands more who line the sidewalks to cheer people on! It really is a fun thing, you hardly even notice you’re running/walking a 10k! This year was a bit rainy, but we didn’t let that stop us, even with a 30 minute lightning delay. In order to keep from aggravating an old injury of Dad’s we did 0.5 mile intervals for the whole race, finishing in just under 1:30:00! Being able to just walk home from Piedmont Park along the Beltline was super nice also. Definitely a good way to do it! Thanks to Publix too for the awesome snack kits at the end of the race. And, as always, we got a fancy new shirt πŸ™‚
Another #AJCPRR in the books! Such a fantastic #4thofJuly tradition πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰β€οΈ #myATL via Instagram http://ift.tt/1KB4NBf

Following some much-needed showers, we resumed porch life and ate some leftover spaghetti, killing time until mom got off work and joined us! What’s 4th of July weekend without some hamburgers and hotdogs?? Once she arrived we brought out all the fixins’ and chowed down. Pausing to thank all of those who have served to keep this great nation independent and recognize our blessings from above!

Β We set off some Piccolo Petes (the highest-pitched, shrillest, most hilarious “firework” you’ll ever come across) and a few other “Showers of Sparkles” type fireworks, and then just sat on the porch and watched some pretty awesome fireworks around the neighborhood. Have I mentioned I really love my porch??
We went to Java Jive for some family-owened & operated delicious b’fast Sunday morning. The parents had never been, and I figured it was worth the extremely short walk to let them experience it. Pops of course enjoyed the old appliances that decorate the waiting area and walls of the restaurant. Food is always great!
Delicious Sunday B’fast & Coffee!! Love this place β˜•οΈβ€οΈ #deliciousfuel #stcharleslife #myATL #latergram via Instagram http://ift.tt/1M4i8iB

After b’fast we ran some errands (important ones like getting a new toilet seat since mine had cracked!!) and picked up my car from where we left it in the work deck for the P’tree. We repaired the things we needed and then proceeded to porch. Surprised? Mom decided she didn’t want to bike this trip, so we took Abner for a nice walk back down to Home Depot to get him some exercise and then they loaded up to leave.

Mom dropped me off at Glamour Paws so I could pick up Ruby for Amy and we walked the few blocks back to the apartment. Time to set up for the World Cup! I decided it would be much better to watch it on the porch (yeah, I love my porch okay) so brought out the TV and some USA decorations and leftover snacks and waited for game time and Amy to get back!

Talk about an awesome game! 4 goals in like the first 30 minutes?? And a hat trick by Carli Lloyd?! Madness. But amazingly fun to watch and we were so thrilled. No better way to celebrate than with some remaining Sparklers!! πŸ™‚

Talk about a great weekend!! Now just one quick work week and I’m off to Asheville w/ Andy, Matt & Jessica!! WOOOOO!!

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