101 in 1001

I first came across this idea after reading a blog post by my dear friend, Conner…. one thing led to another as I was stalking browsing other posts on their (him and his wife) site I had missed, and suddenly I found myself on Mandy’s List (see her list here).

I’ve had this feeling recently of just… something missing. I can’t really describe it fully, but kind of as if I’m not doing the things that would truly make me happy. So stumbling across Mandy’s list put the thought in my head that maybe this would help. Not in a life-changing, OMG sort of a way… but at least to help me think of things I’ve been meaning to do and just don’t. You never know where inspiration will show up!

So naturally, I wanted to find out more. I read countless lists looking for ideas to include in my own list, and found the Day Zero Project. Which is a nifty little site dedicated to helping people create lists and meet goals. In their words:

Day Zero Project is an online community for people who love creating lists, setting challenges, and making positive changes in their lives.

If that sounds like you, check our their site!! They have many more list suggestions, challenges and even ways to create your own to track! Pretty awesome for list-lovers like me.

101 in 1001 Guidelines

So. I’ve made my list. (below, and on Day Zero) And it starts today. The Day Zero Guidelines are above… I’ll keep updating as I go through, and hopefully 2.75 years from now, these 101 things will all be accomplished! And two weeks from then, I’ll be 30?! WOW!

Side note: I fully admit to being terrible with self-motivation & self-discipline. Actually creating this list was fun, but completing it won’t be easy. Feel free to push/support/badger/remind me to keep working! I’ll need all the help! 

STARTS: JULY 1, 2015
ENDS: MARCH 28, 2018

Progress Completed Notes
Create 101 Items for this List 7.1.15
Complete the 52 Books in a Year Challenge 52/52  12.28.15 Blog Post
Answer the 50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind 26/50 Blog Post
Watch 26 Movies w/ Titles A-Z 8/26 Blog Post
Go to a Midnight Premier of a Movie
Dance in the Rain   12.21.15
 Obtain & Hang One of Gran’s Paintings
 Get Christmas Tree from Tree Farm
Inspire Someone Else to Make a 101 in 1001 List  8.3.15
Visit Grandparents’ Graves & Take Flowers
Mail Birthday Cards to All Family Members One Year 27/27  6.24.16
Treat My Parents to Dinner  12.28.16
Finish Mom’s Emory Video
Finish Restoring the Taurus w/ Pops
Host a Dinner Party
Send a Friend Flowers Randomly
Send Someone a Surprise Care Package
Eliminate the “long-distance” part of my LDR  1.1.16
Go On Romantic Anniversary Trip
Spontaneous Adventure Day
Teach Abner 1 New Trick Every 6 Months 2/5
Take Abner to the Beach 8.22.15
Take Abner Camping
Take Abner to the Lake/Boat
Achieve 35 lbs  12.17.16
Visit a New Church
Leave 5 Verses on Sticky Notes in Public Places 0/5
Start Some Sort of Prayer/Thought/Gratitude Journal
Complete a SRT Bible Study
Open Joint Account with Andy  3.7.16
Save at least $15,000
Put $10 into Savings Account for Every Goal I Finish on this List 15/101
Go a Week w/o Eating Out  1.27.17
Stick to Skincare Regimen for 30 Days 31/31 7.31.15
14 Straight Days w/ No Makeup 14/14  1.30.16
Get a Asymmetric Bob Haircut  2.5.16
For 3 Months Do Weekly Face Mask 15/15 9.30.15
Whiten Teeth w/ Strips or Professionally  10.19.15
Hand Letter Christmas Cards  12.18.15
Complete 3 DIY Projects from Pinterest and Blog Them 0/3
Learn to use Adobe Illustrator  7.31.16
Hand Letter something for house walls
Complete Hand Lettered ABCs Challenge 26/26  1.28.16
Refinish My Desk for Room in Elberton
Learn/Practice Guitar Chords
Complete Makeover of the Blog 7.9.15
Giving Back
Do some volunteer work
Buy Coffee for the Person Behind at Coffee Shop
Contribute to Some Sort of Donation Box 9.29.15
Attend ZTA Alumni Event  1.13.16
Give Out a Compliment Once a Day for a Week 0/7
Organize/Update my Pictures on External Hard Drive 9.21.15
Finish Transferring Recipes to My Moleskine Book
Sort through Storage Shed and Clean Out
Go through Magazine Stack and Save Anything then Dispose 9.21.15
Get New Running Shoes 8.13.15
Make Desk for House Office  9.1.16
Buy an Iron  1.1.16
Get my Makeup Professionally Done 11.17.16 Snow Shoot – PMP
Use R+F Regimen for 60+ Days 2.5.17
Complete the July 2015 Backbend Yoga Challenge 31/31 7.31.15 Blog Post
Try Meditation/Mindfulness for 1+ Week
Try SUP Yoga
Achieve 115 lbs  1.24.17
Complete Lurong Resolution Challenge  2.19.17
Register for Half Marathon
Complete Training Plan for Half Marathon
Run a Half Marathon
Coach CrossFit again  1.11.16
Back Squat 200#  6.6.16
Snatch 100#   8.19.16
Deadlift 250# 8.10.16
Drink 64oz of Water Every Day for at least 1 Month 0/30
Practice Handstands Weekly for a Month (send to Blaine) 0/4
(re)Learn Basic Spanish
Learn to Curl My Hair Efficiently
Learn to French Braid My Own Hair
Learn to Tie a Tie
Take a Cooking Class
Attend a Conference/Workshop for Fun 2.22.16 Modern Calligraphy Summit 1.0
Try 5 New Atlanta Restaurants 5/5
Run the P’tree Road Race in Under 55 Minutes
See Elton John at Music Midtown!  9.18.15  Blog Post
Black Mountain, NC
Random New Activity (Free Space)
Attend Show at Pisgah 5.5.16 Trampled by Turtles
Hike Lookout Mountain Montreat 5.8.16
Find New Dog Park/Trail for Abner 1.14.16
New Business
Name My Business 4.1.16 Joy Unscripted
Create Website ?
Register with NC 4.1.16
Make New Social Media Accounts 3.31.16
Complete 1st Paid Order 4.7.16
Frame a Map & Start Marking Places I Visit
Visit Blaine in Las Vegas
Visit 5 New States 0/5
See a Concert at Red Rocks, CO
Hike a Section of the Appalachian Trail
Go to a USMNT Game 7.22.15 Gold Cup Semis
Go to a Concert for Someone I’ve Never Seen 9.10.15 Kelly Clarkson w/ Pentatonix
Attend a MLS Game – Orlando City SC 7.18.15 Blog Post
Celebrate the Completion of this List!!!

Although I will try not to a lot, I may adjust a couple things on the list here and there… a lot can change in 2.75 years and as I check things off, I may (hopefully) discover new things about myself that lead me in a totally awesome and new direction.

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