Today is my favorite Holiday ever. Don’t get me wrong. I like Christmas as much as the next gal, but there’s just something about Halloween that I love.

Not the getting dressed up and going out part so much. It’s all about the season and the decorations and the little kids getting to go trick-or-treating. The entire atmosphere is something I look forward to all year.

So last night mom came over after work and spent the evening helping me decorate the office and then grocery shop for goodies to make! We spent all morning cooking/baking/chopping/etc. and then finally waltzed into work around 11am with arms full!

Things we made:

  • Mummies-in-a-Blanket
  • Puking Pumpkin (guac)
  • Apple + Marshmallow Mouths
  • Halloween Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  • Halloween Cupcakes
  • Various Snacks (pretzels, Halloween Oreos, M&Ms)

We set everything up on the tables we had decorated the night before and then let everyone chow down! I think that all the co-workers enjoyed it. David was generous and gave me money (which is why I was able to make so much stuff), and he got his request of the Mummies-in-a-blanket. Those did turn out pretty well 🙂

No time to rest after work (even though I’m exhausted)… I still need to make the witches skirt I am wearing tonight for the party. Emily and I are going the W Halloween Party to hangout with Jamie while she works!! Should be fun!!


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