Poison Ivy is stupid. Or Poison Oak. Or Poison Sumac. For that matter… spider bites or Shingles could be stupid also. Whatever it is that I have… it’s stupid. And yes, I could have Shingles… for those of you that don’t remember, I’ve had it before.

It started out (first I saw it was the Monday after the Virginia trip after Andy and I hiked the dogs in the front yard/corn field) as what looked like a spider bite on the front portion of my right calf just under my knee. Didn’t bother me at all, no itching, maybe a tiny bit of burning/pain. Then suddenly that blew up and became a large blistery area with one major blister surrounded by smaller ones. As it progressed, my skin went from rubbery to dry and leathery in the affected area. Second and third spots showed up, the second on the back of my left calf and the third on the inside of my upper right arm. Totally random spots. Neither of those got very bad.

However. About a week and a half after I first noticed it it began to itch. And I don’t mean like… oh that kinda itches. I mean that if something accidentally brushed against it, I couldn’t itch it hard enough. Almost to where pain was relief from the itch. So that’s been loads of fun. As of today it is now showing signs of drying up. FINALLY.

Here are some amazingly sexy pictures of the spot on my leg for your enjoyment.
*update – added in one of my leg during the Stone Mountain hike on the 21st*



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