Yesterday when I got home from work mama and I packed up and headed to Elberton (after a quick bit of house cleaning). We had all decided it would be nice to just get away for a day or two and relax. No better place for that than Elberton!


Pops drove straight there after his taking his mom back to Thomaston, so we were all pretty late getting there…. I spent the evening pretending to remember how to play some guitar chords, and took Abner for a late night walk with mom before bed.

Boy did I sleep well!

Once we all finally got out of bed, we ate b’fast on the front porch and I took #lilabnerpup for our usual morning walk. I talked myself into running and went a total distance of about 2.5 miles. Pops’ bike had needed some work, so I didn’t think we’d get to ride them, but it turned out while I was running he had got his in better shape so we went out for a “quick ride” that turned out to be over seven miles! I love how I active I am in Elberton. I think I’ve said that before… must be true! Wish I was more like that at home. Not sure why the mindset is so different.

After a quick nap it was time to shower and then head back to Stone Mountain for Beca’s birthday! I had planned on joining her and Emily at the park to walk up the mountain and picnic before the laser show, but everyone was a little behind schedule, and the park was packed. Since Beca had never been before, and I of course can go anytime, I decided to go reserve a spot on the lawn for everyone and just chill out until laser show time! It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed my personal picnic 🙂

Once the others finished hiking up they joined me on the lawn and we snacked and chatted until dark when the show started. It was good as usual (don’t think I’ve ever seen a BAD laser show), and of course I love the fireworks at the end. Traffic was a bit worse than usual, even in my favorite spot, but certainly nothing to complain about after a great start to the weekend!

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