The fourth of July is one of my favorites. Red, White & Blue everywhere.

4th of July (3)

‘murica baby

Along with this theme, comes the annual Peachtree Road Race. I’ve done it seven years now, including the last three in a row or so. I always say that I’m going to really train for it and go out and run the whole thing…. yeah, that never happens. I usually end up actually deciding I’m actually for sure going to run the race the night or two before the event, and proceed to get as much free stuff along the route as I go.

Things I’ve gotten in the past:

XXXXL tshirt
wrist bands
energy juices

And of course plenty of high fives from the little kids standing along the route cheering people on! <– the cutest

Well, this year was no different… I decided a couple days before that I was going to do the race even though the parentals weren’t going to do it because of Pops’ bum knee (yes, still last year’s injury that he hasn’t really rehabbed properly enough to where he was comfortable running the race), and well because they hadn’t been walking/running at all over the past like 6 months and 6 miles is a lot to do.

That left me with two extra tickets and no one to run with. I chatted DK and I planned on crashing at his place Friday night so that I could bring Abner with me and leave to head out to Elberton post-race without having to drive all the way back out to Stone Mountain first…. also, I could wake up much later at Dk’s house and still be there super early since it was about a 5 minute drive to my parking deck.

He ended up running (and by running I of course mean jogging slowly) the first like 4.5 miles with me. At that point I had decided I was going to take a quick 0.5 mile walk break and then run the last mile so I told him to go on and run the rest of it and I’d meet him at the finish. Well. Like 0.1 miles goes by and I was tired of walking and feeling fine, so I made myself just run the rest of it also. Haha.

Dk got to experience my version of the Peachtree and even managed to down two beers along the course. He normally is in like Ironman shape or some crap like that and actually runs it for realsies, but he wanted to just relax this time and I was a good excuse to do that! It was a fun time as usual.

4th of July (4)
2014 P’tree Shirt

After getting our t-shirts, we met up with his friend Caty who brought us celebratory beers, and then she drove us to a Pint & Plate where we were meeting more friends for some lunch. Now full and very tired we finally headed back to his house where I showered, loaded up #lilabnerpup and made the two hour trek to Elberton.

But the fun didn’t stop there. We grilled out and sent off some of the fake fireworks in the park along with some of those “showers of sparkles” things out in the driveway. I’m a huge fan of fireworks, so that really adds to my love of the 4th of July.

This morning Pops and I rode our bikes to Dunkin’ Donuts. Mom met us there and we enjoyed the USA themed donuts 🙂 #traditions

Next up: the beach! Woot woot!

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