Yay for a weekend full of friends!! 

The boys were going on their annual canoe/kayak/camping trip, so I ended up getting to see everyone, including Andy! Blaine flew in early Friday morning and was my first official visitor to the new job. BlaineVisits I ran home after work (I left a little early) to grab Abner and head back around the Perimeter to Cartersville before traffic was too horrendous… it only took me like two hours, whew.

Lil Abner Pup Co-pilotWeekend at Chateau Melnyczuk

Andy was close behind me and we did some swimming and played with all the dogs (there were two already there, plus Abs, and two more to join later) to pass the time until Matt and Jessica arrived. We all went to dinner at La Parrilla where we got serenaded by a Mariachi band. Mariachi BandAndy has now decided he wants to start up a band, so that should be entertaining…

Blaine and Sunshine joined in on the fun later that night and we proceeded to have a typical Melnyczuk shindig including swimming, the hot tub and many adult beverages. The next morning Jessica made everyone a bacon and eggs b’fast while I played Barista and worked the fancy espresso machine. The boys kinda got a late start, but eventually made it out the door around 10am.

Jess and I hadn’t really planned on spending the entire weekend there, but Blaine took my car to haul their kayaks in so I was somewhat stranded unless I took his rental car or one of the Melnyczuk’s. We spent the day laying out by the pool (tough life). Matt’s parents got back that afternoon and invited us to stay at least for dinner if not the whole weekend, and we decided to just stay put and have another pool day Sunday! Abs was certainly enjoying all of the play-time with the other pups. He and Kobe wrestled pretty much non-stop…. and he had some swimming lessons too! Swimming lessons for Pup He loves the water and would play in the waterfall, but is a little too hesitant to just jump in the pool. Regardless, he was one tired pup tonight!

After a morning workout, a quick run and some more swimming,
we may have gone to Target to kill some time during a rain storm…
and I may have bought some things.

  • a new swimsuit (for the beach)
  • some cute shoes
  • a couple tops,
  • and a dress


The Good News: Jessica introduced me to the Cartwheel app and every item I bought was at least 10% off. Good timing for those purchases!

The boys finally made it back around 5pm, and Andy still had to drive 8 hours back to Virginia so he grabbed some food and hit the road. A short visit, but always good to see the boyfriend! And I’ll get to see him next weekend AT THE BEACH!!!! Can’t wait for that.

It was a good weekend.

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