I know, I know. I’m still being super sporadic with posting… I apologize. I’ll get all caught-up now and then do better.

Yeah… I’ve said that before. Don’t judge. 

Okay. I went and met with the OneCare team last Tuesday… super chill environment, and I LOVE the idea of making healthy lifestyles and choices as easy for people as possible. This platform has the potential to do just that by bringing everything to one central location. Sounds like an awesome opportunity, so we’ll see what happens!

Believe it or not I’ve kept up with my 10k Training program! 😀


As of yesterday evening I have completed Week 5, Day 2. It’s been super hot and humid recently, but the running is still feeling good and I think I may even be starting to enjoy it more!

Matt and Kristin said they’d run a 10k with me at the end of the training! Brianne offered to make signs and come cheer us on… the September/October 10k search is on!

With a possible beach trip coming up, I decided it was time to start paying a little more attention to my eating the next couple weeks. Pops and I stopped at Publix on the way home from Elberton Sunday and I picked up a paper for the coupons. Monday was spent clipping, planning and grocery shopping! There is something very satisfying to me about saving over $40 just from taking the time to cut out coupons!!

  • Mon: Italian Stuffed Bell Peppers (Practical Paleo)
  • Tues: Turkey Meatballs + Cranberry Sauce (Paleo Mag)
  • Wed: leftovers
  • Thurs: Coconut Shrimp Cakes (Primal Cravings)
  • Fri: Sweet Potato Hash

Being a fellow Disney and/or animated feature lover, Ainsley and I made plans to see Maleficent Tuesday night, which knocked out two birds with one stone. I checked a movie off my “to-see list” and got to see Ainsley! Patty (Ains’ boy) and Jay (my friend from CFDtAtl) came along as good sports. Meanwhile, Ains and I were making strange noises and wanting all of the little creatures. Which is why we are such good friends. Disney movies, funny noises and hand gestures, plus complete honesty with each other. What more could you want??

Yesterday brought more fun since the Braves had a scheduled noon home game! You know what that means…. Daddy daughter date!


Tradition lives on 🙂 We got our hotdog and coke lunches (don’t worry, I planned this cheat day into my meal plan), enjoyed a 25oz Bud Light with our Braves Peanuts and spent a beautiful afternoon in the sun cheering on the home team! Unfortunately, they lost… but it was still a great afternoon!

And now you’re caught up on all things me. 

It’s time for a quick tabata workout, then dinner prep.
New adventures coming soon, ciao!

–> You should look up Philippians 4:13

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