Spent the day watching the CrossFit South East regionals outside on the computer. The threat of rain chased Abner and I in once or twice but no big deal. I didn’t have much energy or motivation today… maybe the two days of running drained me more than I thought.

Yes, that’s a large bowl of guacamole in between me and the computer. A girl’s gotta snack right??

It’s fun watching my friends compete… but it certainly does make me miss the lifting and the gyms and all the CrossFit pain. I’m gonna need to find a way back into it soon.

Dinner tonight was grilled seasoned fish with the coconut almond green beans from Well Fed. I made some dipping sauce for the fish from the leftover chipotle mayo also. Oh! I treated myself to a tangerine Popsicle (Abs was couch cuddling and it got toasty). Great first Popsicle of the summer, I’ll have to look and see what the brand is tomorrow…

After today’s Regionals events I want to use my knee sleeves. Is that weird? If you know me, you’d emphatically answer yes, because that’s a weird thing to want and because you’d know I despise those things.

It’s hard not to compare your body to all the athletes you’re watching (guilty). Always remember self-confidence is a powerful tool.

—> You should look up Galatians 1:10

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